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Terms & Conditions for Restless Souls Ghost Tours

IMPORTANT! Please read before buying any event tickets:

1. Anyone that is attending a Restless souls investigation must be over the age of 18 years old. Restless souls strongly reserves the right to ask for proof of age. If you refuse to supply this, or are unable to provide it when requested to do so, Restless souls and venue staff will not allow you to participate in the event.

2. During the event if the restless souls team or venue staff consider you to be under the influence of drink or drugs you will be refused entry to the event, If the investigation venue does have a bar available for you to purchase alcohol, you may be asked to drink in moderation and not to exceed the legal limit for driving. In some cases, you might also be asked to abstain from drinking completely. Restless souls and the venue staff will not be held liable for any accidents or injuries that may occur as a result of being under the influence of alcohol or any other substance.

3. Ticket prices does not include travel to the venue or accommodation. Food is provided in the ticket price. Please check event information for details on food. If not stated on the event information, please take into consideration that food and drink will not be included in the ticket price.

4. Restless souls would like to state that we do not accept liability for damage or loss of personal items. By taking part you agree to indemnify the location against any loss, damage or theft to your personal possessions whilst taking part in any event with Restless souls.

5. The Restless souls team prides itself on having extensive and specialist investigation equipment to be used by customers during ghost tour events. As this equipment is likely to be very expensive, Restless souls management kindly asks that you treat the equipment with care and that you do not abuse it, otherwise, Restless souls management will hold you liable for any loss or damage.

6. By joining Restless souls on the investigation you agree to conduct yourself appropriately through the duration of the event. This means that you must act in a civilized manner at all times. If any instructions are unclear, please do no hesitate to ask for clarity from a member of the Restless souls team.

7. Any payment made or taken is non-refundable.

8. Where a deposit has been paid, the remaining balance must be paid in full before the event date. If the full payment is not received by that date, your ticket will be cancelled, the deposit will be retained and the ticket will be made available for resale by Restless souls.

9. Any ticket paid for in-full is non-refundable unless the event is cancelled or rearranged by Restless souls.

10. Restless souls does not stage or fake any incidents during the paranormal investigations. Any allegations of this will be treated very seriously. Anyone seen to fake or stage any incidents, sounds or movement will be told to leave.

11. Paranormal events can be frightening on occasion and can be quite tense. Restless souls therefore strongly suggest that if anyone is of a nervous disposition, or may be pregnant, MUST take this into consideration before attending an event. Restless souls will not be held responsible for any distress, harm or injury caused as a result of any unexplained activity or fright. You attend at your own risk.

12. The Restless souls team on various occasions will film and sound-record our events, that will be stored in the gallery section of our website. By attending one of our events, you automatically agree to being filmed and also give consent for your image(s) and/or voice-recording being used on our website or other social media sites.

13. Smoking indoors at any of our venues is strictly forbidden. Any designated outdoor smoking areas at the venue will be identified by the Restless souls team on the night of the event. If in doubt about the correct location for smoking, please do not hesitate to ask a member of the Restless souls team.

14. Overnight paranormal investigations often take place in cold and damp conditions. You are advised to bring appropriate clothing with you to match the conditions. You must be prepared for all weather conditions/temperatures. Also correct footwear is essential as most investigations are conducted in complete darkness, Footwear such as stilettos are Prohibited, Restless souls will not be held liable for any injury occurred by wearing such footwear, and could also be turned away from the event.

15. No naked flames such as candle light, is prohibited at any Restless souls event due to the risk of fire. Anyone that breaches this rule will be asked to leave and may be banned from all future events.

16. If you have any special needs, on medical basis, please discuss them with the Restless souls team prior to buying any ticket(s) to ensure that your needs can be accommodated. The Restless souls team will do their best to achieve this.

17. Guests attend at their own risk, before any investigation the areas of the venue will be thoroughly checked over and if deemed unsafe will not be entered, The Restless souls team and the venue will do their best to avoid any accidents/injuries from occurring. Restless souls is covered by public liability insurance, we will also do recommend that you have your third party public liability insurance with you.

18. If you book a corporate event with Restless souls or a private party, the price quoted for the amount of people has to be paid in full, even if the full amount of people do not turn up or they change their mind.