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It's a good question, and we shall tell it all here.


Initially we started off back in 2006 as a Paranormal Research Group by the name of "WPRS - The Welsh Paranormal Research Society" We were and always have been dedicated to seeking answers to claims of the unknown, paranormal and random supernatural events.

As time went by we investigated many of peoples homes suffering with hauntings and dealt with hands on strange and bizarre phenomena; we've conducted much of our research through using many unique methods ranging from a technological, psychological and para-psychological approaches.

Due to our professionalism, dedication and our commitment to our work we became well known in the field of the paranormal and as time went by we investigated larger venues and fascinating properties.

We feel since having had the opportunity of exploring these haunted locations and conducting our research, it's now your turn to join in with us on this fascinating journey, giving you the chance to investigate and the opportunity to come along with our new founded team Restless Souls.

Current Times

Restless Souls began in 2013 and prides itself in giving everyone the chance to explore the spiritual world. It even suits those who are skeptic and just want that extra thrill in their lives. With all the hard work, determination and enthusiasm from its founders, restless souls promise to give you the night of your life in another dimension.

Our aim is to give you the opportunity to explore derelict buildings, public houses, venues, prisons castles, asylums and NOW NEW: even open field investigations etc. and uncover the restless souls that exist.

Our dedicated team have up to date technology and the tools to provide you with the best investigation around. To top it all off, most of our venues offer food and beverages, so there’s no shortage of Ghost Hunting on an empty stomach.

Each member of the team is a previously skilled paranormal investigator that's had hands on experience in the unimaginable highs to the unpredictable lows, and my friends, you can’t say fairer than that.

We know we are different, we know what we do; we know that we’re proud, and we want you to be a part of it!

So take a look at our next restless souls hunt, and be a part of it.

Restless Souls is now a "Leading Paranormal Research Group" that conducts "Ghost Tour Events" for the general public to join in on, empowering those who have a keen interest in the supernatural to play part in a real live Ghost Hunt event on location.

Sometimes on occasion Restless Souls events may have the opportunity of catering for food on location, so be sure to just check out our latest Ghost Hunts for current events and details.